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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Kitchen Mishap and A Wonderful Spring Giveaway!

Yes,I know,I have been away a little longer than I wanted to,but....well,as we all know"Life Happens" my last post I mentioned how I was inspred by the Sea,and how it calls to me....
   Well....I truly have been inspired,and one of my Fav things to do is play with my paints,inks,Glitter(can"t forgt the glitz),and totally transform paper....I don't have to plan,I can just do and be Free!.....well maybe I kinda should plan,at least when it comes to using certain'products'....I'll explain(sorry)...
there are times when I just have more time in the evenings,and the certain 'product' I use is,....table salt....I like the technique when mixed with watercolors, gives the feel of little bubbles,or effervescent......Now more explaining(really sorry),awhile back ,while food shopping,we had purchased what is called"crazy salt" has some herbs added to flavor the salt(you can see whats happenin).....well,Eves. might not be a good idea to try to 'create'....
  yep,you guessed it,the regular salt for "technique" was left behind(not on purpose).....I used this crazy salt,complete with herbs,in my watercolor technique.......ooopppss!

These are the second time around...the herbs just didn't do it for me!.......

Now that I have tortured you long enough,here is some Cool info on a Wonderful Spring Giveaway...
Hop on over to
for the most Beautiful Tags Giveaway!
Nancy is giving away 5 sets of her gorgeous tags,
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BUT be quick,
you must visit her BEFORE
April 10th,for drawing!
check out her blog for more details....its worth it!
they are that pretty!

Thanks for Stoppin' by.....til next time,
Have a great week......:)virginia~~~~