Some of My Creations...

My Soap Box Challenge....

For My soap box challenge,I tried to do 2 opposites,and 2 favorites. I I love Primitive,and I love Marie Antoinette.Well, the Primitive did't really stay Prim but turned more Natural.I used mostly Vintage findings(the bird,button,twinesheet music,clipart,and trim).

I also love to play with words.The Vintage key is attached to a grunged tag with the #'2'stamped on front and the word 'Flight 'stamped on the back,'the key to flight'.....I know ,I'm so....anyway...on to the next box...

My favorite...My Husband told me a while back that his family was related to a Cousin of Marie Antoinette's.....Sooo,I imagined that I go through an old trunk ,in the attic of an old house belonging to a Great-Great relative,I come across this little keepsake box....
filled with little mementos,just before she became the Dauphine de France....
Little snippets of  fabric,ribbons,and lace gently hold together what she treasured most from her Austrian  life....A portrait of herself in Hunting dress(a favorite of her Mothers)....a beautiful fan from a favortie envelope dedicated to her beloved Mops....practice of her New signature....
A past life ,trying to fit into a small box....Not to be forgotten.....
I hope you enjoyed  my Soap Boxes....A Big Thank You to Lisa,for having this challenge and A Big Shout Out to Glenn Abrahamson(the CEO for One),for creating such Wonderful products(I LUV this soap!)...and who's MIssion to help preserve our precious environment with Earth friendly packaging....Please check them out at leave a comment for Glenn, and you will receive a FREE lipgloss,yummy! I can't wait to get mine! Happy Creating ~~~virginia~~~


  1. Hi Ging! I just wanted to post on your lovely soap boxes! I tried posting before, but I think I did something wrong because it did not take. Keep up the great creative work, I love the Marie Antoinette colors!! Love, Jenny

  2. Thanks Sweetie!I was having some trouble myself,I'ts like"well,good luck with that"LOL

    Thanks for checking my boxes out...Luv You!gingoxoxo

  3. I love the Marie Antoinette theme and all of the lace, well what's not to love LOL! Beautiful...
    Very nice to meet you,
    have a beautiful day,

  4. Not one but TWO? Awesome girl!!!!
    I love the nature one but my heart sinks at the fleur de favorite :)))
    Love them are FABULOUS!!!!

  5. Love them both!! I like the idea of fitting a life into a box. Not easy when you are Marie Antionette! Both are so very delicate and beautiful, I love the crackled paint with your birdy!

  6. Look at you! Two creations! Both are the straps on the Marie box and the crackle paint on the nature box. Very fun! Xo, Sue

  7. I am speechless....these are Fabulous for those hinges alot!''my favorites so far


  8. 2 Beautiful Creations ~ I can't decide, They are Both Fabulous..... Great Job

  9. Your boxes are so very pretty! You did a wonderful job on the challenge. Love them both!

  10. They are both wonderful! I love that little bird. :)

  11. Both are just wonderful, but that story is such fun with the 2nd one!

  12. I just LOVE your boxes!!! My goodness girl, and both are beautiful!! I love nature as well and have a soft spot in my heart for birds and nests ~ and your Marie box is absolutely elegant!!! So gorgeous ~ I love them both! xxoo, Dawn

  13. These are beautiful! I love both and the nature one twinges at my heart as I so love birds. Thank you for sharing!

  14. I love that you fantasized about the meaning of your box for Marie Antoinette. It's beautiful, as is your little bird box. Thanks for sharing.

  15. WOW!!! Both are really beautiful. You are so creative, thanks for sharing.

  16. They are both just wonderful! Love them both
    Enjoyed the story with them

  17. Glorious creations! The Marie box wins my heart.

  18. Girl, you are too cool! First of all to make not one, but two amazing boxes, then to track down the CEO of the soap so we can say thanks! I am so going over to leave a comment when I'm done here. I too love the soap & will continue to buy it.
    Your first box is lovely, anything with birds just 'does' it for me. In fact I had to force myself to not do a bird. That was part of my own challenge to myself. I'm glad you did it tho. The texture of the crackle paint is great. Love the little tag hanging & the twine. A lot going on there.
    Now the Marie box, what a little box of treasures. The hinges are my total FAVE embellishment! The image is lovely. But when you open it up & see the little pile of pretties all tied up! OH, perfect!
    Thank you so very much for accepting my challenge, this was fun seeing everyone's vision. Lisa

  19. Hi,

    I love your boxes and the stories to go with them. It was a fun challenge.


  20. Your boxes are lovely. My favorite is the one with the soft and pretty!