Some of My Creations...

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Sea Is Calling To Me

Oh,the Deep Blue Sea....there are just some days you want to get away...I had a Week of those days....It all started with a little car trouble,then it turned into money trouble......sigh....

But have no fear!...we are happy as can be with a semi-new vehicle which will hopefully bring us to many trips to the Beautiful Sea.....
I have been inspired,and started playing with my paints and papers....please visit me next week to see what I created

Does the Sea call to you?...
I hope you feel inspired....til Next time,Enjoy!~~~virginia...:)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Is In The Air....

I know that Spring is Near,
      the sounds of Nature
         are everywhere...

Just take a look around you,
       and you will see,
what the birds have been doing
      to keep busy...

It's what could be inside
that excites me....

So here's to Spring and the Hopes of what could be....
           so I hope you have some inspiration,
                     from Natures gifts of anticipation!
                         Have a Wonderful Week!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Love for You Today

Just wishing ALL of you a 'Little Love'today,
my children are sick so I really can't stay....
But I'm sending some loving thoughts out
                     for you,
in case you are feeling a little bit like me,
        red is not the color that I see,
                it's more like

So I'm pulling out the pots and pans,
simmering some soup on the stove,
but its whats in the oven that's showin us some Lovin'...
Maple Banana cake,with a vanilla butter frosting and sprinkle of soft pink sugar.....mmmmmm,
I think I'm starting to feel better.....ooops,
there goes the buzzer,time to wrap up this letter,
                Back to what I originally wanted to say,
I hope you find some 'LOVE' on this
                           Valentines Day!~~~~~

Have A Great Week~~~~~and thanks for stopping by...:)virginia

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Somethin' Sassy and Springy about these Polka Dots!
just sharin some more Love...:)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Super Bowl Day!....
and I'm cooking Fam has asked for their Favs,and I'm going to oblige!....afterall,I'm really in it for the food...(heeeheee)

actually I do like the Game,just that the Team I Like isn't in it this year,but I will be supportive to the ONE member in our household who's Team is in it to Win it!.....

But here are a couple of the goodies I made,
Chili Dip,it is in layers,Bottom is cream cheese,Next is Chili(Homemade),then your Favorite salsa,top it off with cheddar cheese,Heat in Oven til BUBBLY,serve with a couple of bags of chips,mmmm

Next is my favorite,well,it was actually my Mother-in-laws favorite(and we are missing her today),so in her honor,here is one of the EASIEST Pies to Make,
    Caramel Pie,if you have a Sweet tooth,this is for you (also if you are a lover of caramel)...
you take 3 cans os Sweetened Condensed Milk and place them in a pot of water,and boil for 3 hours,

after 3 hrs,let cans cool,then open and you will have Caramel(milk is color of peanutbutter)....
Pour into a chocolate Oreo crust,let cool in refrig. then top with Whipped cream(I don't add sweetner)and add some Heath bar peices on top of Pie....

Now when serving,you truly don't need to a big peice,this pie is very Sweet and Rich(why I don't sweetin Cream),....this same recipe I have seen cooked in the crockpot,(the milk poured into crockpot) ,which is the way I used to make it,But it took 7 hrs,and constant stirring(and days of scrubbing the pot)...I hope you are Enjoying your Game Day Today!

meanwhile,this is what I've been working on....
       til next time~~~~virginia:)