Some of My Creations...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Santa Gourds

It's Santas at the Northport Library.....Congratulations Mom!

But its not only Santas that my Mom creates with gourds, she paints cats,dogs,primitive scenes,botanicals,and she even does special requests from a photo of your pet.My Mom ,her name is Regina Schaefer, has been an artist ever since I can remember(I'm 40-something,shh),she has worked with just about every medium.Her true talent has been evident in the last 12yrs were she has worked with colored pencils and watercolors.Regina has won many ribbons for her artwork and has even had the honor of being published in North Light magazine.

Regina"s true passion has been working with gourds,her creative and artistic ability is just astounding!

It's no wonder she has a following!~~~~~Regina sells her gourds at art&craft shows in Florida.

Regina's work can be viewed at the Northport Library for the month of May.

Congratulations again Mommy!~~I Love You~~~~~ginger~~~~:)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My New Treasures....

Happy Tuesday!!! These are my New 'babies'.....They are sooo beautiful and sweet!
These antique German heads were dug up out of the ground where old doll factories
used to exist in Germany.....they still have some dirt on is a link to a blog
about just one of the gentleman that does this.....the artist has pics of him in the ground.
The gentleman in the pics is the same gentleman my Mother had purchased doll parts from
about 8yrs ago..(he sent her pics also)....A very interesting Man and a very interesting
story of how these doll parts are obtained.......... is a peek at how I've been giving 'New' life to these sweeet babies!............This is Alice~~~the letter 'A' was what stood out on the paper inside of the box.......Kinda like a secret.......Enjoy!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello~~~And Welcome....I had a Wonderful Mothers Day yesterday,I have to brag

and show you what my Sister made for me!...You see, we are Lovers of Antique Dolls.

This is my Sisters passion, creating with vintage fabrics,jewelry,findings,trims,etc.

This is a 'Boudoir ' half doll, with a "chalk finish".

I love Marie Antoinette ,so she fashioned a wig to resemble her style....

She also "sewed" her clothes on her, so not to compromise the value of the doll.

I love her...I imagine it is 6:00am,and the party is winding down from a long,long

night of celebration........