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Friday, November 5, 2010

Little Things to be Thankful for....

Do you have a tendency to skip over Thanksgiving?I don't mean the food part or the actual celebrating of Thanksgiving...what I mean is,in the past I have been known to treat Thanksgiving as just a 3 day weekend.It 's great fun to be with family,the food is always outstanding,but my mind was already on Christmas! I would go straight from Halloween to Christmas,not really putting much effort into Thanksgiving....
      This year my approach is a little different,I have actually been thinking of all the things I'm thankful for.And those "little things" are actually the most important to me....With this past year being a difficult one with some major hurdles,I have been reflecting on the positive moments and accomplishments,no matter how big or small!
      So this month we will try each day to be Thankful for one  thing,no matter how big or small....And Today one of the Big things I'm thankful for ,are ALL the WONDERFUL people I have met and befriended in Blogland...Wishing you All a Thankful Thanksgiving befor we move on to Christmas....:)
     Here are some Little Thankful treats that I have created.....Enjoy!


A  Shabby Pink Thanksgiving Postcard and Fabric Collage

Vintage Postcard of Sweet girl and Lots of glitter Collage

Vintage postcards with vintage fabrics& trims Collages

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