Some of My Creations...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello~~~And Welcome....I had a Wonderful Mothers Day yesterday,I have to brag

and show you what my Sister made for me!...You see, we are Lovers of Antique Dolls.

This is my Sisters passion, creating with vintage fabrics,jewelry,findings,trims,etc.

This is a 'Boudoir ' half doll, with a "chalk finish".

I love Marie Antoinette ,so she fashioned a wig to resemble her style....

She also "sewed" her clothes on her, so not to compromise the value of the doll.

I love her...I imagine it is 6:00am,and the party is winding down from a long,long

night of celebration........


  1. Oh how I love your blog Gingie! What a fabulous doll (hee hee hee)! Tori's artwork looks lovely on your profile picture. Keep up the great work, you are so very talented! Love, your sister, xxoo Jenny

  2. Virginia, Your "Marie Antoinette" half doll is gorgeous! Looks like talented women run in your family.
    I think your blog looks lovely.. I will be emailing you soon.
    Happy blogging!
    Blessings ~Mary~ :-}