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Friday, August 20, 2010

Enjoying the Last Days of Summer....

So here we are....
the end of August near,

Fall & Winter aren't that Far...

So we are just enjoying what Nature is Giving,
This is our Florida Living....

The Kids are back in School,
so I'm sitting here
a liitle sad.....

Reminiscing about All
the Fun we had,
time with
my Kids
Summer was just


Thank You for your visit,
hope you enjoyed
our little trip
so we share
a smile for YOU!

Have a GREAT week,come back soon to see what I'm changing from Old to New


  1. Lovely beach pics! Wow, your camera took incredible pictures :) Keep up the great ideas, just loving them xxoo Luv, Jenny

  2. Hi Sweetie!...Thanks for stoppin by..:)...these pics are from Cayo Casta (when Dad took us) we had such a beautiful boating day!...I also found some very cool beach treasures,...we missed you that day:(...until next time,LUV ya Honey!~~ging

  3. Hey, Gal! I and a bunch of my artist friends have joined this art forum. I would like to invite you too. Honestly, I have had so much more exposure to my blog since I joined! Check it out! Hugs as always!!!

  4. Beautiful images.I too was sad to see school start again..why cant they just stay young!

    Love your creative work..really wonderful!Warmest Regards,Cat