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Friday, December 10, 2010

I Believe

First,I apologize for not posting this a little sooner,But I did not forget that I would show you what I created with Kathy's Snowflake...

Isn't she Special?!....I Love the colors of Vintage Christmas,and the Snowflake turned out to look more like a Poinsettia....

And of course I had to do some art stamping,and fabric dying,and then my favorite,Glitter!

Yes,that's Glitter on the feet too! I was in the mood for Chocolate covered cherries at the time I painted these little wooden beads,(of course they look more appetizing in person LOL)!

Thanks for stopping by!
And I wish you well in All your Holiday Happenings!

(don't forget to 'Believe',whether it's a Snowflake or Flower,Just 'Believe'in what you create, right up to that Magical Hour!)

Have A great Week Everyone...:)virginia~~~~

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  1. Very nice, I like this a lot. I am partial to the blond Charlotte's, you don't see them as much.