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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Keeping it Simple,Small and Colorful....

OK,first I must admitI just can't seem to get motivated this with the Decorations....Last year I was ALL OVER IT!(maybe cause I was the Host).
          This year my Beautiful Sister is Hosting!yaaaah.....But,I was feeling guilty,the kids wanting the big tree up.So,I went to work...I begged and pleaded like nobody's business,and with luck on my selfish side,they agreed.....what???...Iknow,I am Lucky!.....Here's why,my beautiful Daughter came up with this cleaver ,simple,colorful,SMALL display.....I hope you all  enjoy it as much as we do!
                  A Princess Fairy,waiting patiently under the tree

                                   Pink Santa Gourd with gifts to bare...

                  A Cool Blue Blast from the Past......

         With a Friend thats hangin around so sweetly....

And A Winter Wonderfulness that Special Freinds share,

It might not seem like much,But to me it is a Great reminder of All that is TRULY important,Family,Freinds and A little bit of seen through the eyes of  Children!
Thank You my Beautiful  Children!
And Thank You for stopping by!

Wishing You Some Magic this Season~~~virginia...:)

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  1. Yes, just beautifilled for the holiday season. Happy to find your blog, sorry it took so long.

    Lee R. (Venice Comm. Ctr.)