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Monday, June 21, 2010


Happy Fathers Day!!!...This is my Dad,.....You see, I'm one of those very fortunate people to come from a family of various talents....This is 'One'of my Fathers many talents,his beautiful landscaping.......He has a wonderful gift...Vision...He just looks at the space ,loads his truck up with plants and flowers,lays them all around,then starts digging....He never draws a plan,he doesn't discuss colors or types of plants....
He just starts digging....He does this all on his own....If you say to him,"I would like to have some flowers here..."He will respond with a nod ,an "okay",turn around and leave...You watch him drive away thinking,but I didn't tell you my favorite color....
You don't need to...Because the next time you walk out into your yard, you can feel the jealous stares from your neighbors,and you realize what you had in your mind could not compare to the Vision that my Father has....Thank You Daddy, for always making 'our' world a Beautiful Place....I LOve You!...Ginger~~~~~~Happy Father's Day!


  1. Oh my gosh your Dad is a gifted man! I love landscaping and flowers but hate to do it...does your Dad need another daughter? I'm free :)
    Lucky you that everytime you walk outside, you are reminded of his love...that is sooooo sweet!

    I love the comment you left me girl. What do you mean "you can't run with the big dogs"????
    Hang with me...I'm just a chihuahau!'s not about the size, it's what's packed inside! hahaha

    Hope you are making something beautiful :)
    But with a garden like that...I would be outside enjoying it!

  2. oh...I forgot to mention...
    I love your statue! She's so beautiful :)))