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Monday, June 14, 2010

Treasures From The Sea....

"By the Sea,By the Sea,

By the Beautiful Sea..."That's what runs through my head alot living here in Florida.I have been fortunate to live here on the Gulf Coast for the past 15yrs, and would vacation here at my Parents (from Jersey),prior to that....S0000, I got to see a lot of changes to our area in that time....a slower paced life Bfore hurricane Charley,the devastation after Charley, then the Building Boom (ironically due to Charley),to a fast paced ,schools overcrowded,traffic everywhere that did not slow when 'Season' ended.....To the sad decline of our economy(which hit our area pretty hard), well, we don't know what changes we will see since the "BP Disaster". No one knows. I'm not sure I want to know.I Do know that our 15minute ride to 'Paradise' is going to change.Drasticaly.My Husband and I watch the news with fear of What could be....We have already watched businesses close,families move away,friends trying to find work,due to the economy...No different than any other area in the Country...but,the one thing that concerns us,is one of the reasons why people come from around the world to Florida.....The Beautiful blue/green pristine waters,the soft sugar sand,the abundance of wildlife,and the treasures from the Sea.All this could change,is going to change...we just don't know when.

I was raised on the water,learning to appreciate Nature,lovin the beach life......So now I'm trying to raise my children the same way....NOW, lately going to the beach, we truly are appreciating ALL the treasures Nature has given us.......


I created this piece prior to the spill,and called it "Treasures From The Sea" I Love the colors,all the texture,and the Fabulous Treasures spilling from the Sea.......

I recently came across another artists Blog(which I Love,she' very inspiring!)

and she has a link to a site that dedicated artwork in recognition and concerns for the Gulf,if you wish to check it out....."Spirit of the Gulf"~~~~~Thanks for Reading,Keep Creating!...:)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~virginia~~~~


  1. Dearest Virginia, thank you for this post! I am Beth at Crazy4Art4U and I am very glad you found that link I have up for artwork dedicated to the positive energy of the Gulf! I am so sick over this I can barely stand to think about the disaster and what it means for the environment. I worked on my Master's degree in environmental biology for a time (alas was unable to finish it) and I know too much about the destruction continuing to occur with this disaster. My heart is breaking for all of nature and the people's lives that are being effected...
    Anyway, I love your work and have added myself as a friend following your blog. It is nice to meet you and I hope we can keep in touch.
    All my best,

  2. These are hard times all over the world...we will somehow make it through..very touching and eye opening post...Lovey

  3. Re:Blog Comment...
    Most welcome my friend Virginia! I'm so happy that you are linked up with me! Love what you're doing here on your blog and I'm following you now as well! Many hugs...

  4. I'm so glad to find this connection :)
    I knew there were artists out there expressing their grief over this carnage.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leading me on the trail of others like us :)

  5. Hello Ginger,
    So glad you stopped by to see me, we do have a lot in common. Such a terrible thing they cannot figure out what to do to stop that horrible spill that is ruining our coasts. I have never been to Florida but have always wanted to see how beautiful it is. I love your blog. Put you in my favorites.


  6. Hey Girlie!
    Ah, it's so nice to be home again so that I can catch up with all my favorite blogs again! Although I enjoyed my trip, I was lonesome and now I'm happy to be back, only to leave again on Thursday for Texas! whew!
    I wanted to sneak in here and hope that you are having a wonderful weekend my friend! :)